About us

eikona katas

The company “Marianna” is active in the field of fashion. Specifically, it trades sewing materials, fashion accessories, wedding and christening materials. It established in 1959, being one of the many shops trading graphic at that time in “Stoa Carasso”, starting its course in the field of fashion.

Gradually and over time, going through an impressive development course and always remaining faithful to the philosophy that governs it since its founding, it went beyond the outdated limits of the Stoa and the first store was created. Thus, aiming at the best service to its customers and enriching the company’s variety with new products it is constantly trying to keep up with the new fashion trends.

The specialized staff, always equipped with the required patience and courtesy, is always willing to serve the needs of the customers. This meticulous service combined with achieving the best possible prices on our products, has made us one of the most popular stores in the field of fashion.